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Stay Warm This Winter

Star Oil's automatic plans keep you topped off all winter long

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Thanks to all our faithful clients for keeping us in business since 1991. We strive to give our clients friendly service, timely deliveries and reasonable prices.

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Our Heating Oil Services

Home delivery

Convenient delivery of heating oil on your schedule. Call us for an appointment and we strive to schedule you as soon as possible.

We provide all our costumers with Heating oil Plus. Reduces sediment build up that may already be in your tank, filters, pipes and nozzles, resulting in a healthier fuel system that operates more effectively with less worry for you.

Automatic delivery

We take over the worries for you. By tracking your average fuel use and the weather, we can reliably tell when your tank is about half full and automatically schedule delivery. By doing this, your system will perform better, the average fuel price will be better, and there is no extra cost to you for this service.

Budget Plans

If the large bills in Winter do not work well with your finances, our Budget Plan can help. The plan run from September 1st to June of the following year (10 months). Based on previous usage, we can reliably predict your needs and schedule automatic deliveries for the winter and coming month, and you pay fixed amounts based on expected usage for the plan period. Even if you have no history, we can work with you. Call us for more information

Other Services

Maintenance Service

On-demand help, or sign up for a yearly service contract. With a yearly contract, our technician will perform an yearly tune-up to assure that you get the maximum fuel economy from your burner.

Included: Replace Filters, Replace Nozzle, Lubricate burner motor and circulator motor, adjust draft regulator, Adjust and test controls, Clean up and adjust electrodes, Clean flue vent, heat exchanger and combustion chamber, Check and flush low water cut-off, Check ignition system, check oil lines and connections and set proper firing rate.

Please see the full contract for information:
Service Contract

24x7 Emergency Services

New England winters demand working heat. Our customers have the option of 24 hour service for emergency work.

Fuel Assistance

Star Oil works with the following fuel assistance programs to help keep you warm:

  • P.A.C.E. in New Bedford
  • C.F.C. in Taunton
  • S.S.C.A.C. in Plymouth
  • Self Help

Contact us to find out how we can help